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Curated Collector #20
Curated Collector #20
Accepting bids
Nov 27 @ 12:00PM EST (Start)
Dec 6 @ 7:00PM EST (End)
Curated Collector #20
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Curated Collector #20
Preview by appointment only (see below for details), Buy it now feature on some items. Buy it now simply reserves the item at the price listed. Invoicing and pickup will occur when the entire auction closes out.

Delivery services within a 100 mile radius of Richmond city, shipping services available, local pickup in central Richmond available upon request and only small items offered to allow for delivery and/or shipping. We ask all items purchased be delivered, shipped or picked up within 5 days of the auction closing.

Date for PICKUP (signup link below): Wednesday, 12/8 9:30 - 12

Date for PREVIEW: (signup link below): Monday, 12/6 9:30-12
LINK for PREVIEW (address is listed on this link): TBA

BUYERS PREMIUM is 15% and sales tax has been increased 10/1/2020 to 6% for City of Richmond and surrounding counties. See Tax Bulletin 20-8 at tax.virginia.gov/retail-sales-and-use-tax

Shipping and delivery services available by Chris Ward. Delivery rates at $1.00 per mile within a 100 mile radius. Shipping quotes available by request. Contact Chris for more information 804.399.1094 (text ok) or cward5549@gmail.com. Chris can only deliver smalls only.

DEALERS: If you are tax exempt we must have your state's tax exemption form PRIOR to invoicing. Email to hbeck@beckestates.com. You may find a PDF download on any state tax site. This form needs to be COMPLETED & SIGNED before sending in order to be accepted.

Need help picking up? Any of these movers or shippers may be able to help out.

On the fly moving moving guys 804-554-3772 or 804-836-4954
Brock's Moving/Berkley Brockenbrough 804.730.1258
Jim Bragg with River City Movers 804.624.7145
Kendall Jones 804.972.8840 or
kbjones896@yahoo.com for local moves
U-Haul.com is an excellent resource for trucks or labor help
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